Building Our Little Lego® Center

Thoughts from the owners

Building a Lego® center…takes time, 90 days to be exact (at least for our new Summerville location). It also takes planning and a keen eye for details. When we first drove by 223 A S Cedar Street one bright, sunny day in June – it was love at first sight. We absolutely adored the space; high ceilings, the huge windows, and filled with natural light, it is the perfect combination of amazing. But the inside needed work, lots of work. So began the Summer 2014 journey of building our “little” Lego® center.

We enlisted the help of Chelsea, our resident preschool expert and Heather the “crafty one”. We drew it out, threw it out and blew it out (of the park, we think). There were some tears along the way, shopping sprees and a great deal of  heart with a clear vision – a vision to create the perfect Lego® center for children ages 2- 14! If you haven’t had the chance to stop by 223 A S. Cedar Street, please do so (pats on the back are accepted). We are proud of our commitment to create cool, hip learning centers that generate curiously and an intrigue to learn everything about STEM.

Kendra Randall, Owner Brick by Brick

Thoughts from our teachers

Building a Lego® center… takes dedication and a clear vision.  Taking on the task of turning a former dance studio into a Lego® Learning Center seemed near impossible.  At first glance 223 A S. Cedar Street seemed like a pretty small space for such a BIG idea. There was no space for storage, the square footage and layout was much different than our ‘home base’ in Mount Pleasant, SC. We were going to have to get very creative with just about everything we put in the center because it would be seen by the public….in essence, we were one little “fish bowl”.

The first few weeks were relatively easy, we painted EVERYTHING. Kendra took a few trips to furniture stores and more and more boxes started showing up at the center. Once all the paint was dried, we all started building furniture and putting things together. Most of the time Heather and I would sit there puzzled asking ourselves, now where is this going to go? I don’t know how they did it, but Kendra had everything planned out in her head, down to containers to put utensils in.

Bits and pieces started to come together and the room was brought to life. Different colors, patterns and of course Legos® really made the center a fun place to be in, something to be proud of. One of the most brilliant ideas was making the columns into Legos®.  Many people may not see the metaphor behind it—Legos® are what support and hold Brick By Brick together. We all come from various backgrounds and places, but Legos® are what brought us all together to form our Brick By Brick family. We hope that your Lego® love will bring you to become part of the Brick By Brick family too!

Chelsea O’Neill, Regional Preschool Director

Heather Burnhart, Lead Teacher


Build with us

At Brick by Brick, we know how much you love Legos. No, not because we are looking through your windows at night, we see your excitement every day in the children that we have the opportunity to teach, whether they are walking into one of our learning centers or a local classroom. Come check out our huge wall of Lego kits, play with our billions of random “freeplay” Legos, and show us what you can build today.

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And always remember; everything is awesome when you work in a team!